a naked figure without arms, tied and pulled into water by a woman


Vices and Virtues

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Disability Imagary in Art

Minerva chasing the Vices in the Garden of Virtue by Andrea Mantegna (C1500)

Minerva  the Roman goddess of wisdom chases the Vices from the Garden of Virtue Circa 1500, this Italian Renaissance painting is an illustration of Roman Mythology showing the victory of Wisdom and Reason over the various Vices. The painting is at Louvre Museum in Paris. It is a painting full of full of strange images one of which includes a figure with apparently amputated arms and sight impairment. The detail below from the painting  depicts the naked figure of Idleness (the figure without arms), tethered and pulled into the water by Inertia. Both seem sight impaired.


More details on other characters within the painting here:

Disability in Art
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