Wolverhampton's First woman Doctor, Ina Lochhead McNeill 
appointed Surgeon at Women’s Hospital in 1902. 

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Dr McNeill is referenced in the local paper in March 1903.
see transcription below.

The Wolverhampton Chronicle 14th March 1903


Wolverhampton Lady Doctor Gives

Evidence At An Inquest.

Mr,. R. A. Willcock held an inquest on

Monday at which for the first time in the history of the borough of Wolverhampton, a lady doctor was called upon to give evidence.

The inquiry was into the circumstances respecting the death of Jane Pugh (67), wife of Thomas Humphreys Pugh, formerly a warehouseman, of 3, Culwell street, Springfields. From the evidence, it appeared that on Friday night the

deceased went to apparently in her usual health; but at seven o’clock the next morning: the: husband, who is himself an invalid, found his wife dead by his side. The deceased had not been medically attended for a considerable time.

Ina Lochhead McNeill, M.B., and Ch.B., Glasgow, who had made a post-mortem at the request of the Coroner, was then called. Beyond the very decided impression conveyed by the name of the witness, there was nothing as regard accent to indicate that she hailed from north of Tweed. Miss McNeill elected to take the scotch form of oath and gave the results of her examination of the body in a low but distinct, tone of voice, which must have been inaudible to some of the jury.

The witness statement was brief, precise and, to the point. She said that the body was that of a well-nourished woman, and in describing the condition of the internal organs stated that the heart was large and flabby and had a good deal of fat around it. Death was due to cardiac failure. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.