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Stamps of Disability

Postage Stamp Republic	France 1981 IYDP SG 2439
Explore our unique collection of themed postage stamps, focuses on images of Disability imagery from across the world.

Flourish To Be You


Flourish To Be You healthy lifestyle project working with Disabled people, through regular gym sessions, Walk For Health, cycling and table tennis etc , with taster sessions of archery, indoor bowls, short tennis, climbing, and other sports and activities.
Participants had the opportunity to develop their skills and become walk leaders with Walk For Health. Our project included development of personal skills, support, and confidence building. Find out More...

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Disabled Presectives. WCR
Paul Darke Interveiws include:

Saul Abner, Ade Adapitan, Beccy Marston,  Jayne Anderton,, Angry Fish, Robin Surgeoner,  Andrew Jemmett, Andrew Ridal, Ray Jacobs, Kevin Hodgetts, Helen Steatham, Professor Colin Barnes, Lindon Barrington, Sally Edwards, Rachel Liggitt   Blue Eyed Soul, Liz Braby, Birmingham Museum, Karen Brown, Dr Ivan Burgess, Sean Burn, Mic Bushell, Paralympian, Liz Carr, Huw Thomas, Suzanne Charles, David Colley, BCODP, Janice Connolly, Barbara Nice, Johnny Crescendo, Alan Holsworth, Liz Crow, Steph Cutler, Patrick Daly, Clare Duncan, Hope University, Ian Duncan-Smith, Ken McClimate, Marcus Ashbury, Professor Sally Glen, Dr Mike Hardacre, Richard Hayhow, Jon Palmer, HiJinx Theatre, Michele & Marcus, Debbie Jolly, ENIL,  DPAC, Outsidein, DASH, Noëmi Lakmier, Mike Layward, Karl Greenwood , Longhouse, Lynne MEP, John McKelwee, Simon McKeown, Julie McNamara ,Pete Millington, Margaret Montgomerie, De Montford University, Clifford Morris, Chloe Brown, MultiStory, Kim Fuller, Jean Vincent, Susan Murray,  Theo Neumann, Karen Ryder, Ian Joyce, Jon Palmer,  Richard Hayhow, Harry Palmer, Penny Pepper, Barry Pickens, Tanya Raabe Webber, Melanie Dovey, Kathy Roper, Joy Dale, Ade Adapitan, Alex O’Dwyer, Gordon Jones, Velma Finney, Greg Silvester, Judith. Stevenson, Peter Street, Josh Surgeoner, Jessica Harper,  Carl Veltman, Eileen Ward Birch, Dr Alison Wilde, University of York, ,Mary Wilkinson, Robert Williams-Findlay , WOW Theatre, Wendy Harper, Stephen Forester.


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Inclusive Participation

Flourish to be you


Digital Disability Celebrating 25 years
Our vision for Growth 2024 to 2034

Digital Disability has 25 years experience,  and has has played a leading role in improving prospects for disabled creators across arts, heritage and community work.
Our core services include:

·      Mentoring & Guidance for individuals, organisations and funders

·      Commissioning new arts, heritage and community work led by disabled creators

·      Promoting inclusivity through a permanent collection of digital resources



Our vision is to create a society where the arts, heritage, community creation and production is open and inclusive at all levels. A place where disabled artists, creatives, heritage specialists and all other disabled people and their non-disabled peers are recognised on an equal footing.



We will achieve our vision by empowering and facilitating disabled people to create new work, generate new knowledge and share experiences through creating deep connections with audiences, creators, and organisations alike, to change how disabled people and their work is created; is viewed; is experienced and utilised (ensuring a significant impact and legacy).


Core Objectives


1.     Facilitate and empower disabled creators to develop and deliver new work that crosses the boundaries of ‘otherness’

2.     Deepen the level of engagement with audiences to ensure everyone can interact fully with the context of work produced by disabled creators.

3.     Support, inspire and grow the capability of organisations to improve the profile of disabled creators, the profile of their work and their capacity to be fully inclusive of disabled people.

4.     Broker long-term networks between individuals, organisations and funders.

Growth Plan

To ensure the organisation remains a key player across the arts, heritage and community sectors, our core growth plan is to widen the impact of our work across the UK.


Our growth objectives are to:


1.     Improve the profile and awareness of Digital Disability to widen the mix of stakeholders involved with our work.

a.     Improve awareness and engagement of our year-round activity and our digital resources and digital archive.

b.    Broaden the range of disabled creators we support across arts, heritage, media, and academia.

c.     Increase Digital Disability's capability to evaluate and disseminate the impact of our work to a wider audience.

2.     Challenge and change perceptions across individuals, organisations, and funders to ensure disabled creators are recognised on an equal footing to their non-disabled peers.

a.     Continue to commission new work that empowers disabled creators to produce and experience new perspectives.

b.    Work in partnership with key organisations and funders to ensure work is professionally presented and reaches the widest audience.

c.     Develop and disseminate strategies for audience engagement to foster deeper levels of awareness and interest in work by disabled creators.

3.     Establish effective and sustainable networks with organisations in the UK that will enable disabled creators to sustain professional careers.

a.     Guide and mentor disabled creators to improve their professional standing and capabilities.

b.    Establish long-term partnerships with organisations across the UK to create improved entry routes for disabled creators.

c.     Create resources for organisations that improve their inclusivity and openness to disabled creators.