Disabled persectives.
Celebrating Disability  everywhere in everything. 

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Our events and performances at Arena Theatre, Light House, Art Gallery and other venues in Wolverhampton between 2007 -2017.

In association with Black Country Touring and other funders.

Digital Disability/Outside Centre events and performances at Arena Theatre unless otherwise stateted: 2007-17.

2012      2Headed Pegeon Theatre      Threadbare Greebo

2014       A Little Commitment  Pirate and Parrot    

2011       About Face Theatre    Postcards from Blackpool   

2017       Access to all areas      The Misfit Analysis  

2015       Art With Heart Secret Diaries        

2015       Arty Party & WOW     A Wulfrun Home     

2008       Birmingham Rep         The Mothership      

2008       Blacked eyed theatre  Oh What A Lovely War      

2008       Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company         Dance & Disability on Video

2008       Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company         Trace

2016       Clare Summerskill       Rights of Passage    

2014       Dark Horse      Sing something Simple       

2008       David Hoyle     The Ugly Spirit        

2012        David Parkin    Good Friday: The Clinical Depression Concept Album      

2014        Davis Toole & Lucy Hinde       Extraordinary          

2012        Deafinitely Theatre     Gold dust    

2008        Deafinitely Theatre     Ladies Night

2012        Deafinitely Theatre     Love’s Labours Lost

2014        Disability Arts Touring Network         The Ugly Girls          

2014        Disability Arts Touring Network & DaDa Fest One of Us Will Die  

2011        Expressions Music Group       performance

2008       Extant Theatre Company        Effing and Blinding  

2012        Extant Theatre Company        Sheer           

2014        Extant Theatre Company        The Chairs   

2011        Face Front Theatre     Laundry Boy

2016       Fittings & Kngs School Missing at The Missing Cafe          

2015        Fittings & Krazy Kat     Edmund The Learned Pig   

2012        Fittings Multimedia Arts         Master Juba

2007        Fittings MultiMedia Arts         Welcome to the institute   

2008        Frantic & Theatre Resources  Conquest of the South Pole

2017        Frozen Light    Home          

2015        Frozen Light & Wolsey Theatre          The Forest   

2014        Gobscure         Collector of Tears   

2015        Handmade Theatre     Flying The Nest       

2013        Handmade Theatre     The Flying Machine

2017        Hijinx   Meet Fred   

2012;       Hijinx   Old hands   

2012;       Hijinx Theatre The Adventures of Sancho Panza   

2007       Hyewon Kwon Bittersweet Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2014        In Conversation with Terry Riley    

2009        Julie McNamara          Crossings     

2007        Julie McNamara          Pig Tales      

2008        Justin Edgar + 104 Films Special People Light House media Centre         

2009        Katherine Araniello       Performance Light House media Centre                  

2011        Kim Noble       Performance

2014        Krazy Kat         A Dream      

2015        Krazy Kat         Mattress Mattress  

2017        Krazy Kat         Oliver in The Overworld      

2009        Krazy Kat         Petrushka    

2012        Krazy Kat         The Piped Piper       

2015        Krazy Kat         The Singing Ringing Tree     

2016        Krazy Kat         The Very Magic Flute          

2011        Krazy Kat         Victorian Mikado    

2013        Krazy Kat         Waving Cat of Japan    

2007        Laurence Clark 12% Evil     

2012        Laurence Clark Health Hazard       

2014        Laurence Clark Inspired                       

2008        Livestock Theatre Company   Hadley’s Experiment           

2007        Liz Carr & Outside Centre       It Hasn’t Happened Yet       

2008        Marva  Musical Performance         

2008        Matt Fraser     From Freak to Clique          

2008        Midland Archive for Central England Archive: Disability Light House Media Centre  

2011        Mind the Gap  Of Mice and Me     

2009        Mind The Gap Boo 

2015        Mind The Gap Contained   

2011        Mind the Gap Stig of the Dump     

2008        Nicola Lane     Splitscreen - Installation    Light House Media Centre 

2008        Nu Century Arts          r:evolve       

2008        Oska Bright     Animation Masterclass for PLD      Light House Media Centre

2008       Oska Bright     Oska Bright Film Festival   Light House Media Centre   

2017        Outer Circle Arts         In The Motherhood 

2008 Digital Disability/Outside Centre            Disability Film Festival   Light House Media Centre    

2008 Digital Disability/Outside Centre / Arena / BES Evaluation and Research: Trace     

2015        Penny Peper   Lost In Space

2017        Pipeline Theatre         Spillikin        

2017        Rabbit Theatre         The Odyssey

2013        Ray Jacobs       Bastion – An Installation 

2008        Reach for the Sky + 2 Shorts Light House Media Centre  

2013        Red Earth        Emil and The Detectives     

2012        Red Earth        Famous Five

2014        Red Earth        Hansel & Gretel       

2008        Red Earth        The Crane    

2016        Red Earth Theatre       The Remarkable tale of Oliver Twist          

2008        SCRIPT Scriptwriting Seminar Newhampton Arts centre

2012        Sean Burn       The Next Swan Down Maybe Black

2008        Short Films      Global Selection      Light House media

2008        Simon McKeown         Motion Disabled   Wolverhampton Art Gallery  

2015        Single Shoe Productions         Crazy Glue   

2016        Sophie Partridge         Song of Semmersuaq          

2014        Spike Theatre & Ramesh Meyappan  Gin & Tonic & Passing Trains          

2010        Stop GAP Dance Company      Dance         

2008        StopGAP Dance Company      Portfolio Collection 

2008        Tara Arts         The Tempest

2008        Theatre Resource + Frantic Assembly Conquest of the South Pole          

2010        Tour    Abnormally Funny People   

2008        Ulfah Arts        r:evolve       

2014        Vamos Theatre           Finding Joy   

2016        Vamos Theatre           The Best Thing         

2014        Vital Exposure Let Me Stay

2015        Vital Xposure           The Disappearance of Dorothy Lawrence      

2012        Vital Xposure  The Knitting Circle  

2013        WLV    A Christmas Show   

2011        WLV Learning Disability Group           Showcase    

2010       WLV Learning Disability groups          Who Do We Think We Are?   

2008        Yasmin Alibhai-Brown r:evolve

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