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European Network on Independent Living - ENIL
Freedom Drive and Conference
Strasbourg FRANCE. September 2009European Network on Independent Living – ENIL



Elena Pečarič, a university graduate in philosophy and the sociology of culture, has been one of the most visible activists of the movement for the independent life of the disabled since the early nineties. She is the president and professional leader of programs for YHD – The Association for the Theory and Culture of Handicap, which brought into Slovenia the model of personal assistance from the examples of the most advanced European movements. Her personal approach, her feeling and empathy for fellow human beings, employees, and members is of exceptional importance for the development of services in the field of social assistance. In the last few years, her ability has been shown through her critical reflections on current events and developments in society, particularly concerned with various European integrations and NATO. As a presidential candidate for the republic of Slovenia, as a columnist, as an acquaintance, and as a friend, she is constantly holding us up to a mirror and encouraging us to understand democracy, which must be much more than merely the power of the majority over the minority; it must be an area for the realization of one’s own potentials, for respect, solidarity and a space for everybody.