Toys:  Disabled Characters

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking toy figure from The Simpsons  animation TV series (Fox) episode "They Saved Lisa's Brain." 1999.
Impairment; Paralysis -Wheelchair

Commander Shore

Commander Shore charcter from Stingray 1964 TV series. (More on Commander Shore here)
Commander Shore lost the use of his legs and gets about in a hover vehicle.
Impairment: Paralysis

Rexthe Runt.jpg
Bad Bob

Bad Bob cuddly toy. Bad Bob is a character from Rex The Runt  Aardman claymation TV series 1998 about a flat purple dog Rex 
and his friends.
Impairment: Sight impairment - Eye Patch

Swashbuckle Pirate

Play figure Swashbuckle  Pirate with flowing hair and cape.
Impairment: Sight Impairment - Eye patch
Disfigurement -  facial scar

Sea Captain

Carved wood  figure of sea captain with peg leg.
Impairment: Amputee- prosthesis

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands play figure from the film Edward Scissorhands 1990
Impairment: Amputee - Prothesis



Quasimodo soft cuddly toy from Disney animation 1996
Impairment: Hunchback


Small play figure character with lamp and keys from a Kinder Egg.
Impairment: Hunchback



Share a Smile Becky (Friend of Barbie) by Mattel  circa 1997



Share a Smile Becky was one of 3 dolls with wheelchairs issued by Mattel:
School photographer
and Paralympics.
Impairment: Paralysis - Wheelchair



Peri & Sil from Doctor Who TV series (BBC) action figures.​​​​​​

Peri (Nicola Bryant) is the assistant to Doctor Who,  Sil ( Nabil Shaban) is an alien. Sil first appeared in the Doctor Who episode Vengance of Varos 1985.

Impairment: Deformity

Lakeshore 1994 educational toy figure with crutches

Lakeshore 1994 educational toy figure with calipers


Lakeshore 1994 educational toy figure with white cane

Lakeshore 1994 educational toy figures 

Figure with crutches, Figure with Calipers & Figure with white cane

Impairment: Paralysis - Crutches

Paralysis - Calipers

Sight impairment - White cane



scottish regiment ww1.png
WWI First World War period bisque / ceramic doll,    Scottish Regiment soldier in full uniform with original WW1 miniature medals. The doll is supported by a crutch as he has one leg.
Measures approx; 25cm tall.