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Vietnam Postage Stamp 1997 Disabled People and Sport

Features Tennis, tennis racket, tennis ball, rifle, shooting, disabled people,  wheel chair,

logo Thể thao người khuyết tật Việt Nam (VSAD) Vietnam Sports for Disabled People.

The 2  stamps above were included in the Evidence of Payment A Postage Stamp Exhibition. Postage stamp artwork from the collection of Dr Paul Darke 29 August to 3rd October - Bounce! - Arts Festival 2014,  A Digital Disability and Arts Disability Forum (University of Aytypical) Exhibition & Event September 2014.


postage stamp 1991vietnam1639.jpg

The stamp below is another Vietnam stamp depicting sport and Disability, issued in 1991 celebrating The Golden Heart Charity for Disabled People " Help us to Help Them"
The pictogram image shows an active figure with tennis racket in a wheelchair, a line drawn shadow behind is a figure in a wheelchair.

postage stamp 1991vietnam1638.jpg

A second stamp in the same issue:  1991 Golden Heart Charity for Disabled People

" Help us to Help Them" refers to sight impairment shows a pictogram illustration of an eye, hands clasped together and sticks implying a figure with white cane.

Many of the Vietnam stamps in our collection reflect a history of conflicts,
images of veterans and civilians maimed by war are used to promote rehabilitation.
Soldiers are welcomed home, injured, broken, but proud and victorious...

postage stamp vietnam1972.jpgpostage stamp vietnam 1972

postage stamp 1973vietnamnf747.jpg

stamps issued showing disabled veterans include this 1973 issue 'Returning Home' with 
children welcoming an injured (arm in a sling) veteran with flowers.

postage stamp1976vietnamf101.jpg

The 1976 issue shows a Disabled veteran with with a prosthetic arm operating a drill.

postage stamp vietnam 1971.jpg

in this 1971  issue the Disabled soldier supporting himself on a crutch holds a small child on his shoulder. 

postage stamp 1987vietnam1100.jpg

This 1987 stamp shows a Disabled veteran in a wheelchair with a crutch by his side, a child presents him with flowers, the background are images of soldiers with rifles as a reminder of a previous life serving as a soldier.

postage stamp vietnam 1966.jpg

The 1961 Vietnam (National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam) stamp
celebrates the 101st Anniversary of Proposal for international Red Cross
showing a veteran learning to use crutches supported by a nurse.
Rehabilitation begins...

postage stamp1958vietnamnf105.jpg

Việt Nam Dân chủ Cộng hòa. Democratic Republic of Vietnam
(State and Government Precedent State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the North of Vietnam from 1954 to 1976). This 1959 stamp is labelled in the catelogue as  'Invalids in rice field', these were issued to veterans working on the land, in agriculture,
for use on private correspondence. The image shows the rehabilitation of the war wounded: two men both amputees, working together they can operate the irrigation pump. This promoted rehabilitation and the ingenuity to adapt agricultural work.
But it looks like hardwork!

postage stamp 1982vietnamf513.jpg

Disabled people in the work place: rehabilitation.