3rd December 2010

United Nations International Day of Disabled People

The 1st UK Disability Film Festival Day

3rd December 2010 - across the UK - BFI SouthBank


The UK’s leading disability arts and media organisation DASH, supported by ScreenWM, are proud to present the 1st UK Disability Film Festival on the International Day of Disabled People: 3rd December 2010.  All films are subtitled.

The Festival is additionally supported by Oska Bright, the Midland Archive for Central England (MACE), The Eveson Charitable Trust, The Elmley Foundation and the BBC.  Full details of all films are available on or DASH’s website at


There are 4 screening throughout the Day*. 


The first screening is the best of the learning disability festival Oska Bright. 


Second, at 2 pm, is the first national screening of the UKFC funded Disability short film project MAGIC HOUR; plus a selection of other shorts from around the UK and the world. 


Early evening is the 1986 BBC Film Raspberry Ripple, produced by Ruth Caleb (who will hopefully be in attendance for a Q&A at BFI SouthBank) and starring Faye Dunaway. 


Finally, in the evening, there is a selection of archive film from the MACE featuring The Leicester Cripples Guild of the 1920s and a fantastic short film about the Shortest Woman in the world who lived in Bromsgrove and drove an adapted mini.  Most of the films in the MACE collection on show here are from the ATV News Collection from between 1955 and 1975.


DASH, in association with MACE, are looking for Disabled People’s archive film for inclusion in the 2011 Festival.  Please go to our websites for how to contact us and on how to submit a film for december 3rd 2011f or the 2nd UK Disability Film Festival Day.





                                                                       Oska Bright


Films 1 Morning / early Slot 12 Noon



11.30 am Best of Oska Bright

12.15 pm Best of Oska Bright (with played Audio Description)


The Best of Oska Bright

Oska Bright is a Learning Disability Festival of the moving image consisting of films made entirely by people with learning difficulties.  Originating in Brighton, Oska Bright has been running for 4 years and this is the first ever Best of Oska Bright screenings.  The second screening is the same as the first screening with the only difference being that the audio description is played in the auditorium so that all can experience it as part of the film.


Films (all between 5 - 10 minutes):


Journeys - Country Road? Take me Home! by Project Ability (Glasgow)


I Saw A Girl by Arty Party (Telford)


In Our Shoes by Serena Nordon (Kenilworth)


The Raven’s Tale by The Shystershadows (Coventry)


Germ Academy by JUMPcuts Film Production Company (Tauton)


Story of The Beatles by Hughie Mclntyre (Glasgow)


35 km by Vilmos Kerecsendy (Vacegres, Hungary


Hope Springs - Episode 1 by David Miller, Wendy Elsley and Peter Nison From Shoot Your Mouth Off Films (Gateshead)


The End of The World According to The Ram by Yosef Foyt, Martin Vojmik, Lucis Pasovam Pavla Jeykova, Ales Koudela, Darko Lazarevic and Zdenka Mikova (Prague, Czech Republic).


Films 2 Afternoon Slot – 2 pm



2 - 4 pm


3 Magic Hour 2010 Short Films:


1         The Beaten, 2010, Simon McKeown (writer & director), 10 mins

The legendary UK disabled actor and comic Liz Carr stars in a hard hitting drama about  the potential despair disabled people are facing in the future.  Set in a single room, Liz Carr’s performance is a tour de force of emotion and vulnerability. (Image Attached)


2          Finding a Sky, 2010, Ewan Marshall (Dir), Alex Bulmer (Writer), John Alderton 18 mins

Seagulls fly over the roof of a large sea-side house. A painted sign with the words “The Golden Sands” hangs over its front door. In the back garden, a small group of elderly residents play croquet. They murmur protests as, with a loud ‘clack’, one player sends their opponents ball across the grass.   In one corner of the garden, near to a parking area, two people sit by a goldfish-pond.   A retired naval officer, Robert, who has dementia, wants to help a blind woman, Betty, by giving her a moment of seeing.


3          The White Wall, 2010, Sanchita Islam (Writer/Director – Animation, 13 mins

The white wall traces the journey of a girl who does not fit in the world and has never fitted, although outwardly she resembles a little girl her mind is in another place, another world, another time. It is these feelings of displacement and alienation that make her feel hostile to anything resembling normality, i.e. happy families and kids playing.


Selected Shorts from around the World


Introducing Homo Mancus, 2009, Christian Saleta,Germany,  9 mins

A story of a man on his search for acceptance and recognition: a furious Corvette ride through social barriers and a life on two different sides, ending up in a famous dream. Real life action.


Cloud Catcher, 2009, Miha Knific, Slovenia (English), 15 mins

Cloud catchers were considered heroes, but one day the state convicted all their heroic acts and started to hunt them down.  The head hunters dark shadow is approaching the city, were he is hunting the cloud catchers that managed to escape were there are few people striving to survive as there’s no trace of any water.


Let Me In, 2009, Neil Webber, Animation, 10 mins

A look at bereavement through the eyes of people with a leraning disability in a directed animation with drawings from people with a learning difficulty.


Turn the Book Around, 2009, Sean Burn, 2 mins

An experimental film using sound and images to evoke life …


White Sound, 2009, Sarah TractonAustralia, 10 mins

A beautifully looking and exceptionally well crafted aural and visual exploratiom of the loss of sound by a young person. Oscillating between auditory clutter to intensified visual acuity is a daily reality. Films about 'soundless' experience which canvass an advocacy schism are common. In capturing an experiential perspective instead, White Sound explores the role of silence in active listening through the context of sensory deprivation.


Flourish2BU. 2010, Outside Centre Productions, 10 mins

A group of disabled people come together on a health and well being project in Wolverhampton; during which some weight is lost, some fitness gained and friendships made.  One person goes from couch potato to 19.4K cycle marathon participant (even if he was last)!


Go Ahead, 2010, Neath Films, James Tracy and Maverick Litchfield-Kelly, Edward Evans, Emma Case, Jacob Casselden, Ryan Pendley, 16 minutes (English/British Sign Language)

A supernatural thriller with deaf themes. Real life action


Films 3 Evening 1 Slot 5 – 7 pm


BBC Film - Feature

5 - 7 pm (this needs to be FREE if the BBC are to allow us to use this film - see note above.)


Raspberry Ripple, 1986, Nigel Finch (Dir.), John Gordon Sinclair, Nabil Shaban, Faye Dunaway 1 hr 40 mins


Raspberry Ripple was produced by the BBC and features John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory’s Girl) as a doleful young man confined to wheelchair who regularly escapes reality by dreaming about American gangster movies. Figuring in his fantasies is a team of Bonnie and Clyde-like desperadoes.


The screening will hopefully include a Q&A with the prolific and exceptionally talented producer Ruth Caleb who recently produced the excellent BBC drama film The Last Days of Lehman Brothers.


Films 4  Evening 2 Slot  8 – 10 pm


Archive Film (all films between 15 seconds and 10 minutes)

7.30 - 9 pm


Leicester Guild of Cripples

A major Fundraising Event by the rich in aid of the 'Cripples of Leicester'. Fatantastic sights of old equipment. 1920.


Goose Fair in Nottingham

Man with one leg dives from high board into a small pool of water; and a Black, female, short stature 'freak' meets the Mayor. 1930s.


Midland Montage

2 February 1961

Bus for the disabled: a Cheshire Home recieves a new Bus for the use of its residents. Ideal viewing to see range of old chairs. (no audio) IMAGE Provided


Midlands News

5 May 1961

Handicapped people from Wolverhampton off on holiday: set-off from Molineux Hotel opposite Molineux Motor. (no audio) IMAGE Provided


Midland Montage

March 1963 + More

Frank Letch - armless student: in class and at Birmingham Station.


Midlands News

10 February 1964

Nottingham's Barton’s Buses give a Cheshire Home - Holme Lodge - a special bus for disabled patients. (no audio)


Midlands News 18 April 1966

Interview with Dame Isobel Cripps opening a new centre for handicapped children at Cheltenham.


ATV Today 17 May 1966

A Blind man travels from Crewe to Birmingham each day by train to work at Delta Metals.


ATV Today 7 October 1968

Deaf-Blind man working in metals factory.


Midlands News 29 April 1969

Carlson House School for 'spastic children' at Harborne receives a coach from the Variety Clubs Sunshine Committee. (Mute).


ATV Today 15 September 1975

Actor Roger Tonge - the 'crippled Sandy Richardson on Crossroads' - launches a road safety campaign at Victoria School for the handicapped at Northfield in Birmingham.


Midlands News 13 Nov 1969

Spina Bifida children at the Catherine Elliot school in Shrewsbury walk with a new type of splint.


ATV Today 20 April 1970 Barbara Blake interview with Peter McCranor and Neil McDonald of Coventry who run a stall at Coventry Market and take part in paraplegic sport.


ATV Today 10 September 1970 Jeffrey Watson report about Hilary Pole in Walsall who is considered to be one of the world’s most severely disabled people suffering from Myasthenia


ATV Today 18 August 1969

Invalid cars.


ATV Today 13 July 1973

Tony Maycock interview with Professor John Ellis, head of the Cranfield Institute of Technology about his criticisms of the AC invalid car.


ATV Today 30 September 1977 Three wheeled invalid carriage protest in Solihull at the St John’s Hotel where Social Service Secretary David Ennals was making a speech.


ATV Today 11 December 1972

An interview with Joyce Carpenter from Bromsgrove who at 29 inches is the smallest woman in the world.



ATV Today 
20 Jan 1981 
Wheelchair dancing class in Cannock run by Beryl Bellingham.










2009 October

DASH’s Disability Film Festival  - 

@ the DASH Space in Shrewsbury


Four Days of screenings, talks, gaming and discussion as part of the Disability Film Festival 2011 – Plus additional days and events in Strule (N.I.) and Leicester (6th November).


Tuesday 25th - Day 2            -           Gaming & Short Films


10 – 1    10 – 1 Set Up Equipment

1 – 3      Gaming – Open Session

4 – 6      Short Films from around the globe submitted from a call out for short films.

Short Film sessions set around certain themes as identified from submissions (such as drama, documentary, impairment specific, subtitled and or audio described sessions).  All will be listed on website with titles and content.  Listings will be in time and thematic chronology according to precise times of screening.


Wednesday 26th - Day 3      -           Guest Day & Screenings


11.30 – 1.30    BBC Arena Film (1981) about the formation of the Disability Company Graeae featuring Nabil Shaban (currently appearing at the National Theatre in London in an Ibsen play).  Nabil will discuss the film and the changes that have taken place in society since the making of that film in 1981 –UN’s International Year of Disabled People.

2 – 4      Simon McKeown will talk about his work as a Reader in Animation at the University of Teesside.  The session will give young people inspiration and insight in to the making of computer games.  Showing examples and telling young people how to enter the games industry – the prerequisites for the future of the Games Industry.


5 – 7 Leading Disability short filmmakers Simon Mckeown and Nicola Lane present their new works – animation and live action short films exploring the identity of the disabled artist in dance.


7pm onwards – Festival Party / Network Session – Guests get-together.

Food, drink, discussion and fun – perhaps even a little gaming.   Nicola Lane, Simon Mckeown, Nabil Shaban and Christine Goodall lead a debate on disability in the contemporary work and its relation to the media.


Thursday 27th - Day 4   –    Learning Disability Day 11 am - 5 pm  (no evening event)

Learning Disability Day of the Festival at DASH to include:


Oska Bright Film Festival – Short Film festival with all films made by people with a Leaning Disability submitted from around the world.  Oska Bright is licensed from the Oska Bright Film Festival based in Brighton (Carousel / Oska Bright).

Leaning Disability and Human Rights - Disability Law Service and the Human Rights Commission present a new short Film about Rights for People with a Learning Disability made by people with a Learning Disability with a presentation by Christine Goodall (the UK’s leading disability law expert).


Additional Short Films about Learning Disability submitted from a Global Call out for films.


Plus - Strule Day – Disability Film Festival Day in association with DASH held at the Strule Arts Centre in Northern Ireland.  The day will contain the Oska Bright Film Festival Collection as shown at DASH; a Collection of Short Films Submitted to Festival; and local disability filmmakers content.


Friday 28th - Day 5     -     Gaming, Archive & The Best Short Films Submitted

11 – 1    Gaming for Local People – a look (and play) at some games available.
1 – 3     Short Films from around the globe submitted from a call out for short films.

4 – 6      MACE Collection Films

6 pm      Festival Closes.




Disability 7 Film Events linked to DASH Festival (content) at Phoenix Square in Leicester on Sunday, November 6 · 11:00am - 11:00pm.  This will be delivered in association with John Coster and the Dzine (the disability issues news agency run by volunteers in Leicester).   The screenings will taking place in The Screen Room which has capacity for 30 people and is fully accessible.  The film festival forms part of the build up to the London 2012 Paralympics and the Citizens' Eye organised Community Media Week 2nd - 8th November 2011.  See the website at​/citizen-journalism/