Radio shows

Digitising the Outside Radio Show Archive - a work in progress...

Originally Paul Darke’s "Outside Centre Show" (Digital Disability)
for Wolverhampton City  Radio (WCR FM)

 This is a work in progress and these will be posted shortly....

Abner Saul Abner - DEAFEST at Lighthouse Art
Adapitan Ade Adapitan & Alex O’Dwyer  Scope  Politics
Advocacy Our Say Learning Disability Group Advocacy Group Health & Wellbeing
Albert players Xmas show Rain Machine Theatre
Anderton Jayne Anderton Disabled artist Art
Angry fish  Robin Surgeoner aka Angry fish  Music
Asbury  Marcus Asbury Inclusive Fitness Health & Wellbeing
Barnes Professor Colin Barnes of Leeds University Academic
Barrington Lindon Barrington campaigner Health & Wellbeing
Bradby Liz Braby of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Art
Brown Karen Brown on Harry Potter Academic
Brown Chloe Brown of Longhouse / MultiStory Art
Burgess Dr Ivan Burgess Clinical Psychologist Health and Well Health & Wellbeing
Burn Sean Burn New Art Gallery Walsall & DASH OutsideIN project Art
Bushell Paralympian Wheelchair racer Health & Wellbeing
Carr Liz Carr & Huw Thomas Theatre
Charles Suzanne Charles University of Wolverhampton Academic
Colley David Colley talks disability culture  Politics
Connolly Janice Connolly (Barbara Nice) women in Theatre. Theatre
Crescendo Johnny Crescendo / Alan Holsworth Politics
Crow Liz Crow and her  Roaring Girl Productions Art
Cutler Steph Cutler Disability and employment Health & Wellbeing
Daly Father Patrick Daly talks faith & Disability Health & Wellbeing
Darke Liz Carr interviews the host Dr Paul Darke  Disability Life
Direct payments Wolverhampton Direct Payments Support Group Health & Wellbeing
Dovey Melanie Dovey  - Rempoly  Health & Wellbeing
Duncan Clare Duncan Hope University Liverpool  Disability Art Academic
Duncan-Smith Paul Darke giving to corporate Charity Politics
Edwards Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company Theatre
Finney Wolverhampton Shop Mobility Health & Wellbeing
Fittings Fittings Theatre Company Theatre
Flourish Flourish2BU Project Marcus Ashbury Health & Wellbeing
Fuller Kim Fuller Singer aka Jean Vincent Music
Glen Professor Sally Glen University of Wolverhampton Nursing Academic
Gormley Sandwell visual impairment group Health & Wellbeing
Greenwood Karl Greenwood  Longhouse Art
Hardacre Dr Mike Hardacre former Headteacher  Music
Harper Wendy Harper & Stephen Forester WOW LD Theatre  theatre
Hayhow Richard Hayhow and Jon Palmer - Learning Disabled Theatre  Theatre
HiJinx Theatre HiJinx Theatre Company  Theatre
Hodgetts Arty Party - Kevin Hodgetts  Theatre
Inclusive fittness Michele & Marcus inclusive participation Health & Wellbeing
Jacobs Ray Jacobs Arty Party  Theatre
Jemmett Arena Theatre University of Wolverhampton theatre
Jolly Debbie Jolly & Ann Whitehurst   politcis
Jones Wolverhampton Scope  Health & Wellbeing
Lakmier DASH Outsidein Project Wolverhampton Art Gallery Art
Layward Disability Art In Shropshire (DASH) - Mike Layward Art
Liggitt Blue Eyed Soul - Rachel Liggitt  Theatre
Lynn Liz Lynn MEP Lib Dem Politics
MacIntrye MacIntrye -  service provision Health & Wellbeing
Marston Community Cycling Developemnt Officer Health & Wellbeing
McClimate Ken McClimate & visual impairment Health & Wellbeing
McGowan All Aborad Children's Festival at NAC Theatre
McGuire AnneMcGuire MP Labour misister of disabled people  Politics
McKelwee John McKelwee  -  Kings of Spain. music
McKeown Simon McKeown Teeside University Art
McNamara Julie McNamara  Theatre
Mencap Our Shout People Learning Disability and employment politics
Millington Pete Millington  Politics
Montgomerie Margaret Montgomerie De Montford University  Academic
Morris Clifford Morris FRPS Photographer Art
Murray  Comedy Theatre  Theatre
Neumann Journalism & Media Writing
Oska Bright Oska Bright -Mark & Richard  Theatre
Palmer Harry Palmer  Art
Palmer Jon Palmer & Richard Hayhow Theatre
Pepper Penny Pepper and Tanya Raabe Writing
Raabe Tanya Raabe, talks theatre, arts and Who's Who Art
Ridal Opera Singing Theatre
Roper Kathy Roper and Joy Dale  Health & Wellbeing
Ryder One Voice - Karen Ryder & Ian Joyce  Health & Wellbeing
Scope Disability: Listen - Include - Build (Dis Lib ) led by Scope.  Health & Wellbeing
Shysters  Shysters Theatre founder  Richard Hayhow Theatre
Side By Side Side By Side Theatre Tempest in a tea cup Theatre
Silvester  Greg Silvester talks about the Special Olympics Health & Wellbeing
Steatham Bantock House Health & Wellbeing
Stevenson J. Stevenson -Council Of Disabled People Warwick & Coventry Politcis
Street Peter Street talks about his life and his poetry  Writing
Surgeoner Josh Surgeoner - poem: I have a dream Writing
Surgeoner Surgeoner - Robin Surgeoner singer song-writer  Writing
Urban Voice Urban Voice theatre  Jessica Harper and Carl Veltman  Theatre
Ward Birch Eileen Ward Birch - Poetry & Women Who Write  Writing
Wilde Dr Alison Wilde University of York  Academic
Wilkinson Mary Wilkinson 'Defying Disability" book Writing
Williams Findlay Robert Williams-Findlay Wolverhampton City Council  Politics
Woodmass Adult Education Languages cordinator including BSL Health & Wellbeing