Originally Paul Darke’s "Outside Centre Show" (Digital Disability)
for Wolverhampton City  Radio (WCR FM) broadcast between 2007-2010

Liz Bradby from Birmingham Art Gallery talks about the 'Talking about...Disabled People and Art' project 2007

Liz Carr - Actor, Comedian talks about her life, her work and her passions.
2007 - Abnormally Funny People. BBC Ouch! podcast.
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Liz Crow - Roaring Girl Productions: Helen Keller and Frida Khahlo


Debbie Jolly and Ann Whitehurst 'Talking about... Disabled People and Art' 2007
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Mike Layward: Director of Disability Arts in Shropshire since 1999, Mike has worked in the arts for 40 years as performer, musician, carnival designer, maker, puppeteer, producer, director and live artist.

Mike Layward 2010.jpgoutside in project

DASH Disability Art in Shropshire and their OutsideIn Project


Simon Mckeown Digital Creator talks about his work at Teeside University: Part 1

Simon Mckeown Digital Creator talks about his work at Teeside University; Part 2.


Tanya Raabe-Webber - Disability Arts in Shropshire (DAsh) Carnival in Ludlow. Disability Art 'whose who" protraits , 

whose who Paul Darke by Tanya Raabe Webber